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  Local Church History
   Antioch FBH Church - Southwest Ohio District See the Original Church

Name of Church Antioch F.B.H. Church
Present Pastor Rev. Nina Williams
Original Founder Rev. Clara Heights
Original Name & Origin of Name Antioch F.B.H. Church
Founding Date 1922
Location of Original Site Corner of Syracuse & Melbourne Streets
Cincinnati, Ohio
Present Site 1302 Franklin Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Original Membership12
Current Membership52
First Members
Brother and Sister William Eady
Brother and Sister L. Beasley
Brother and Sister James Downs
Brother and Sister Thad Garreth
Brother and Sister James Peyton
Brother and Sister Robert Sullivan
Former PastorsDates Assigned
Rev. Sis. Clara Heights1922
Rev. Hunter
Rev. Calhoun
Rev. Raymond Palmer
Rev. Herndon
Rev. G.G. Gary1929
Rev. S.C. Bomer
Rev. B.C. Campbell
Rev. J.W. Latimore
Rev. P.S. McDaniel
Rev. J.J. Johnson
Rev. Sis. S.M. Giles1939
Rev. Sis. Shirley Freeman1953
Rev. B.T. Neely
Rev. F.E. Robinson
Rev. Clarence Williams
Rev. W.J. Culliver
Rev. A.N. Frazier
Elder J.D. Goodbread1966
Mother Hazel Lindsay1969
Rev. Edward Lampkin Jr.2003
Rev. Joseph Sutton2012
Active Organizations
Pastorís Aide
Nurses Guild
Adult Choir
Childrenís Choir
Jr. Mission
Sr. Mission
Usher Board
How did the church get its start?
Our beloved founder, the late Bishop W.E. Fuller Sr. D.D., labored ceaselessly for a stable F.B.H. Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sister S.M. Giles channeled the thinking of her members toward building a new church. The woman of God was well known throughout the city and remained the shepherd of the flock for fourteen years. God called her from labor to rest.

Reverend Fred Robinson marched us from the store front at 1204 Chapel Street in October 1960 to 737 Whittier Street. He found favor and was made a Presiding Elder in North Carolina.

Mother Hazel Lindsay was our shepherd for 34 years. Her labor has been faithful and steady for 3 decades. God called her from labor to rest on May 30, 2003.

Rev. Edward Lampkin Jr, was appointed as pastor on June 7, 2003, following the death or Mother Hazel Lindsay.

Rev. Joseph Sutton, was appointed as pastor on October 28, 2012. For 6 months he traveled back and forth from Knoxville, Tennessee to Cincinnati each week-end to be on his post as pastor.

Pastor Sutton told the members that he had a vision. On May 10, 2015 we moved from 737 Whittier to our current location debt free! To God be the glory!

Our current leader, Rev. Nina Williams, was appointed as pastor on October 13, 2017. Pastor Nina has served Antioch faithfully in a number of capacities for over 35 years. We are proud to have our native daugter serve as Pastor.

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