Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas       
  Local Church History
   Gethsemane FBH Church - Northeast Georgia District

Garden of Greater Gethsemane FBH Church
1537 Old Athens Hwy
Gainesville, GA 30507
circa 1907

The Greater Gethsemane FBH Church was established under the leadership of our late founder Bishop W E Fuller Sr. in the year of 1907. The founding location of the church was on College Avenue with Mother Nan Stanley and a few other gracious members who felt the power of Pentecostalism in their heart-- enabling Gethsemane then and there to become a 'mighty oak tree' in the city of Gainesville, GA. The church served faithful on College Avenue as an icon of Holiness for its labor with children and conversion of men and women in Christian faith through salvation, sanctification, and Holy Ghost baptism.

The late Bishop W E Fuller, Sr. served Gethsemane well until his divine call from God propelled him to other communities and neighborhoods through the eastern seaboard. Therefore, he then appointed notable leaders as Pastor. Over the years Gethsemane's platform has graced some of the finest bishops, elders, and elite pastors in the FBH Church, such as, Bishop G.G. Gary, Bishop C.A. Mills, Bishop F.C. Canty, Bishop A.L. McCracken, Bishop N.T. Scott, and current bishop, Bishop P.L. Frazier. Elders who served Gethsemane include Elder Evans, Elder I.S. Simmons, Elder J.W. Baxter, Elder A.H. Lewis, Elder E.T. Moore, current elder, Elder B.L. Thompson, and many other notable men and women of God who lead this Holiness Church to its current place in time by faith.

Due to new zoning codes, Pastor J.W. Baxter and Gethsemane FBH Church moved on June 25, 1972 to the present location at 1537 Old Athens Hwy singing and praising God for the deed He had done for them. The saints were saddened to leave what they had known for many years as home yet excited to have some new amenities such as classrooms, dinning facility, kitchen, and parking, all of which helped to suppress the feelings of departure.

Gethsemane's tenure has always given way to the move of GOD in the lives of our members and well worshippers. The time came when Gethsemane Church family was saddened again when our pastor, Rev. J.W. Baxter was elevated to Eldership. Rev. Ben B. Campbell was appointed as our next pastor. He was a young man who became well known throughout the community for his fiery preaching and anointed choir. They adopted the cliché 'Holy Ghost Headquarters, the place where God lives and visits everywhere else'. O How God's spirit travailed with them as they did His will. Under Pastor Campbell's leadership many improvements were made to the church such as the installation of chandeliers, windows, new pews, and HVAC systems both upstairs and downstairs. Rev. Garfield Hart was appointed as our next pastor by the Annual Convention. The prophetic anointing rested in the house--truly we felt like God really visited everywhere else because He was here all the time throughout every worship experience.

On one somber Easter morning, it seemed that God had hidden His face from Gethsemane when the church underwent a separation leaving only four (4) faithful members: Rev. Lucille Nicely, Deacon Paul Edmond, Deaconess Agnes Cantrell, and Mother Vinnie Moore. These members prayed for God to rekindle the fire again. The church was then assigned Rev. Bernice Sims as Pastor, who served through the convention year. Then Gethsemane was appointed Rev. Quinton Hughley as Pastor from 1993-2000. Under his leadership the church membership returned bringing families back together. Some struggles tried to take the church out but they held on to God faithfully and they overcame with the Victory.

The Annual Convention appointed Rev. Anthony Brown as Pastor in November 2000, another young man who had the spirit to get something done. He brought the power of God as his shield and buckler. He believed in letting the Spirit have His way in your life, therefore; he renamed the church, The Garden of Greater Gethsemane FBH Church--The place where people grow and GOD'S will is revealed. Under his leadership many improvements were accomplished such as the addition of a new porch, the installation of carpet and chandeliers, remodeling the bathrooms, dining room, renovation of the parsonage including a new room addition, pews reupholstered, instruments purchased, a/c unit purchased, kitchen appliances purchased, , and now a new roof installed on both the properties.

His work speaks for his leadership ability. Since his appointment three (3) of our ministers have been appointed as Pastors, two (2) members have been licensed to preach the Gospel, two (2) members have been ordained as Deacons and others have been appointed to District offices. Three (3) choirs were established: Voices of Gethsemane (ages 13-up), New Creation Prayz ( Praise Team), Gardenettes (ages 1-12) and Seeds of Faith (Dance Team).

Truly God has shown this Greater Gethsemane much favor. Throughout Pastor Anthony Brown's tenure many members have graced the church with sincerity therefore we are highly motivated to Let Go and Let GOD as we Grow in Grace.

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