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  Local Church History
   Mt. Hope FBH Church - Columbia District

MT. Hope FBH Church was organized in 1914 by Sis. Jessie Brunson with 19 members meeting under a tent. Later in 1914 , a frame 24 x 48 with a terrace tower roof valued at $500.00 and a seating capacity of 150 was completed and dedicated. At that time, there was no cemetery and no parsonage. Once organized, Bro Manning Gibson became the first official pastor and Sis. Jessie Brunson, clerk.

Since that time, the church has continued to grow, May 12, 1920 Mr. J. L. Elliott gave and deeded the property total of one and one half acres on the North and Westd lands of Cleo Eagerton estates, and on the East lands of Jim Bozier and the heirs of Wallace Gaymon, on the South by lands of Wendall Gaymon to Mount Hope. This property is located in the Panola area of Pinewood, Clarendon County, South Carolina where Mount Hope is still located. Also behind the church is a cemetery.

Some of the Pastors were Rev Manning Gibson, Rev. P.S Lincoln, Rev. Nelson Eaddy, Rev. Jim Bozier, Rev. Wallace, Rev Annie Whack, Rev. John Cancer, Rev. Andrew Wilson, and Rev. Susan Wilson who currently serves as pastor.

Not much history was recorded in the past years and many of the persons that would be able to tell the history are deceased. But let it go down in history that Mount Hope is and has been a great church. Many wonderful people have served in Mount Hope FBH Church over the years. Many, many, many souls have been saved, sanctified and filled the the precious Holy Ghost. Many pastors in the local community now pastoring under other denominations were saved at Mount Hope. Many people that served on the usher board, choir, HYPU, YPI, and other auxiliaries have since moved from the community to other cities and states but still send donations and special offerings.

Ninety-six years later, Mount Hope is still 21 members strong under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Susan Wilson. She continues to use the slogan chosen by her husband for the church: Mount Hope, the Church where everybody is somebody special and Jesus is Lord. The Vision of the Church is to: "Turn the world right side up for Christ one person, one family, one community at a time".

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