Jr. Missionary Handbook

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To motivate action, stimulate thought, and make Junior Missions meaningful through personal

contact and projects that will encourage juniors to become senior missionaries.



The Junior Missionary Department is built on four major foundation stones:


       Bible Preparation,

       Resource Persons, and

       Intriguing Projects

Junior Missionary education is a learning process in which juniors gain their insights through doing.


Goals in Junior Mission

1. To teach that Christ is the Savior needed by the entire world.

2. To emphasize God's missionary plan for the entire world.

3. To teach that "Mission" includes our own land as well as foreign fields.

4. To help pupils be sympathetic and interested in the needs of others.

5. To teach that giving and praying are important parts of our responsibility to missions.

6. To make clear the term "Missionary" includes all

Christians -- not just those who actually go to foreign countries.

7. To lead boys and girls to the place where they will say, from their hearts, "Here am I, send me."


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