Jr. Missionary Handbook

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PROCEDURES (Continued)

II. Bible Studies

    A. Birth of Christ (mission - to save the world)

    B. Other Bible Missionaries
1. Peter and John
2. Paul and Silas
3. Dorcas
4. Other New testament Missionaries
5. Old Testament Characters

    C. Bible Stories
1. Isaac's life saved
2. David, The Shepherd Boy
3. Nine Ungrateful men
4. Joseph, The Dreamer
5. Samson, Wasted his strength
6. Samuel, In the Temple
7. Moses, The Leader
8. Solomon, The Wisest Man
9. Many others

    D. Missionary Playlets
1. Use real characters
2. Use commercial materials

    E. Resource Speakers

    F. Missionary Biographies
1. Fire Baptized Holiness Church
    a. Bishop W. E. Fuller, Sr.
    b. Others - Home and Foreign (Male)
    c. Sister Caroline Phelps
    d. Others - Home and Foreign (Female)
2. Present F. B. H. Missionaries
3. Other Missionaries
    a. World wide missionaries
    b. Nation and State missionaries
    c. District and local missionaries
    G. Evangelistic Services - District(s)
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