Jr. Missionary Handbook

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PROCEDURES (Continued)

III. Achieving Strength and Togetherness:

    A. Evangelistic Services - Local, District(s)
1. Theme for Meeting (monthly or seasonally)
    a. Winning Souls for Christ
    b. Onward, Outward, Upward
    c. Put Your Faith to Work
    d. Witnessing for Christ
2. Fellowship Night

    B. Round Table Discussions
1. For Christ, I'd Rather Fight Than Switch
2. Drug Trip versus A Salvation Journey
3. Dealing Positively with Peer Pressure
4. Use other appropriate subjects
    a. Use Scriptures to prove reasons
    b. Use examples and experiences

    C. Field Trips and Tours
1. To other FBH churches with missionary projects
2. To educational programs (wherever possible)

    D. Biblical Word Contests

    E. Biblical Questionnaires

    F. Missionary Book Reviews

    G. Conduct Missionary Bible Study
1. At each church
2. Two or more churches
3. Entire District (Have informed teacher)

    H. Crafts and Exhibits

    I. Drama and Pantomimes

    J. Use of Audio-Visuals
1. Maps, charts, bulletin boards
2. Biblical films, film-strips
3. Posters, chalkboard
4. Collections, handi-work
5. Resource Person(s)

    K. Concerts: Local or Professional
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