Jr. Missionary Handbook

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PROCEDURES (Continued)

IV. Involvement in home, community, and foreign fields

    A. Adopt a Senior Member
1. Provide transportation to church
2. Assist with in-home care
3. Do errands
4. Other assistance as needed and able to perform

    B. Visit aging and homebound
1. Give home nursing care
2. Assist "new" and "young" mothers
3. Shop and do other errands
4. Provide food and clothing, if needed

    C. Visit Crippled Children's Home(s)
1. Give talking books, toys, other
2. Give flowers to all shut-ins
3. Present art and other craft materials
4. Take them out sometimes
5. Teach them how to make things
6. Teach the love of God
7. Birthday Remembrances: cards, letters

    D. Visits Hospitals and Rest Homes
1. Contribute letter-writing services
    a. Thank-you notes
    b. Thinking of you notes
2. Visit Troubled and Distressed
    a. Sing a song that is liked
    b. Read a Scripture that is liked
    c. Always pray before leaving

    E. Tape Ministry
1. Shut-ins
2. College Students
3. Military People
4. Others who are away and cannot attend services

    F. Visit Foreign Fields

    G. Write to Foreign missionaries

    H. Birthday Rememberances of Junior Missionary Members
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