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PROCEDURES (Continued)

V. Series of Programs for the Year

    A. January: The Month of Open Doors
1. Pantomimes - March of the Months
2. Character to represent each month
    a. Scripture for each character
    b. Songs for the occasion
    c. Demonstrations using commercial and non-commercial materials

    B. February: The Month of Love/Self-worth
1. The Parade of Hearts (program)
2. Black History Appreciation
    a. Negro Spirituals
    b. Church History
    c. Negro National Anthem
    d. Black Struggles - Then and Now
3. Carry valentines to shut-ins of all ages
4. Carry candy, fruit, and gifts

    C. March: The Month of Winds
1. Theme: Going Against Wind and Tide
    a. Put on the whole armour
    b. Why we must be strong
2. Handicrafts, other projects
3. Bible stories - Spring - trees

    D. April: The Month of Showers
1. Research scriptures about water, seas, etc.
2. Story of Noah - Parade of animals
3. Donate rain-kerchiefs, umbrellas
4. Give baskets of fresh vegetables and fruits
5. Spring Fashion (modeling things made)

    E. May: The Month of Honoring Mothers
1. Mary, Mother of Jesus
2. Solomon and two mothers
3. Mother of Samuel, Moses and others
4. Mother's Day Program
5. Activities
    a. Make and send greetings
    b. Make floral arrangements
    c. Decorate the Church
    d. Pin corsages on Mothers

    F. June: The Month of Graduates, Brides, and Fathers
1. Graduation Day (cards and gifts)
2. Children's Day; plan a program
3. Father's Day; Fathers of the Bible

    G. July: The Month of Flags
1. Study the Christian Pledge
2. Study flags of foreign fields

    H. August: The Month of Preparation for the Youth Congress
1. Transportation to the Congress
2. Costumes for participation

    I. September: The Month of Harvest Time
1. The Reapers of biblical days
2. Turning of leaves
3. Aid in the harvesting of souls (Revival)
4. Study of seasonal flowers

    J. October: The Month of Miracles
1. Jesus Walking on the water.
2. Feeding of five thousand and more
3. Many blessed, healed and brought to life
4. Christ Teaching
5. Treats and other necessities for underprivileged youths
6. Study in the Gift of the Holy Ghost
7. Holloween Luncheon

    K. November: The Month of Special Thanks
1. A verse of Scripture to represent each letter in the word: "THANKSGIVING"
2. Many Psalms - learn at least one new one
3. Missionary sermon: one or more
4. All-day service (dinner)

    L. December: The Month of Jesus' Birthday
1. Give a needed gift to the Church
2. Caroling: Home, Church, Community, other places
3. A special celebration for senior citizens
4. Christmas Sermon, Program, etc.
5. Christmas gifting time
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