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Gen. 1:1 "In the beginning God.."

Another scripture tells us that God is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Based on these and many other scriptures, believers can take comfort in knowing that regardless of what is going on in our world, God is in Control.

Way back when God said let there be; the world, as we know it, came into being. All that he created has continued to perform in the way that he first created it to perform. In nature we see the sun still rises in the east everyday and sets in the west, it does this at the start of the day and not in the middle or at night. All the planets are rotating at the rate they were set in motion to. The waters of the oceans and seas have not overcome their boundaries. The mountains are still up and the valleys are still low. But God desired more than the self-compliance of nature, he wanted more than the continuous obedient worship of angels.

He wanted the praise and adoration of one who had free will to choose whether to worship or not. And so man was created. God reserved the best of all wisdom, knowledge, ability and free will for us and we have blown it pitifully. Of course God knew this would happen and he has made provision for us to be restored. We reconnect to God through his son Jesus Christ.

Seems simple enough and yet there are worlds and worlds of people who have not known him or know the joy and peace of accepting this reconnect. The enemy blinds us to this realization. We sometimes get drawn away from this realization by circumstances in our lives or events that take place.

However, God provides example after example in the Bible and in everyday experiences to assure us that He is in Control. Let me remind you that regardless to the chaos that surrounds us, regardless to the "feelings" of loss of control, regardless to the visual hopelessness that we sometimes experience, God is in Control.

Submitted 8-13-1999
Brenda O Conley
National Directress,
Jr Missionary Department
Third Episcopal Diocese

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