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picture of pastor We are so grateful to God for all he has done for us. He has blessed us to see the end of another year and the beginning of a New Year. It was no goodness of our own that we are here, but to God be the glory.

This year we are "Coming Alive in 2005". God blessed us in our consecration services and we are expecting Him to continue the work. We have not, because we ask not. God is waiting to give to us everything we ask of Him.

Let us pray for our neighbors in Aiken, SC who were involved in the Avondale, Graniteville area with the chemical spill. Continue to pray for those families who lost family members during this ordeal. Also, let us remember our neighbors in Asia, and California. There is no distance in prayer. God can be everywhere at once.

Pastor Delmar Callaway

January, 2005

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