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August 26, 1999

Praise the Lord Saints for all of His Goodness and Mercy.

I’m saved, sanctified and have the Holy Ghost. The Lord has been so good to me.

I want to thank Bishop N.J. Roach and our great elder, Elder W.J. Culliver Jr., for allowing us to make this idea a reality. Additionally, I thank the Time Capsule Committee and all the Saints for their participation, support and prayers.

Special thanks to Sis. Beth Poellnitz, Detroit, Michigan for everything she has done.

This has been a true labor of Love. Placement of the time capsule is scheduled to occur October 23, 1999. We are using the professional services of "Future Packaging" to prepare the contents of the capsule. They have been a blessing and are most patient. I pray that they are yet in business 25 years from now.

This letter is for those of us living in 1999 and those living to open the capsule in 2024.

Hopefully, you will be able to draw parallels (and differences) between our Twentieth Century life and your Twenty-first Century life. You should be able to compare prices, values and methodologies.

Please look through the contents of the Capsule and find the Inventory Sheet for a complete list of the contents. I trust that you will understand the significance of each item. I will attempt to explain the rationale the committee used to prepare and select items for the capsule. We tried to include something from each aspect of our lives.

Items were secured for the capsule as they relate to the following categories:

F.B.H. Church – National Level, District Level, Local Church

Entertainment – Music, Sports, Television/Cable Programming

Communication – Telecommunication, Newspapers, Internet, Postal Services

Business & Environment – Apartments, New Homes, Employment

Transportation/Travel – Airports, Automobiles

Science & Education – Zoos, Aquariums, Health, Museums

Literature – Poetry, Christian Humor

Economics – Currency & Coins, Loans

Government & Politics – Social Issues, Race Relations, Judicial System

Time Capsule Preparations

The first thing I purchased was a Signature Scroll, intending to have as many people as possible sign it and give a donation to help raise funds for the capsule. We all signed the Scroll at the Sunday School Convention in Chicago. We did not attempt to collect any monetary donations.

Take your time and read the signatures on the scroll. There were a number of young people in their teens at the convention. I’m hoping they are yet in the church for this opening and can remember that I told them this would be "their" church in 2024.

We wrote letters and sent e-mail to a number of people and companies asking for donations and information. I am very happy with the number of positive replies.

Read them and see what you think. I really hope they encourage you to add items from your "time" and bury a new time capsule.

Our next endeavor was a District Cookbook project, again hoping to raise funds to pay for the time capsule. The book will not be ready until late September. I am not able to include a copy. I have included a letter from the Cookbook Publishing Company summarizing our order.

The General Church

Last year, 1998, we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas.

We’ve included a number of items published and created as part of this Celebration:

Program of the 27th Quadrennial General Council

Pictorial and Historical Events… In Retrospect (Soft Cover Book)

Program of the 82nd Annual and 16th Joint Sisters of Charity Convention

24th Annual Jr. Missionary Day

Centennial Button

True Witness Newspaper – Centennial Edition

Rev. Madelle T. Brown is the International Directress of Foreign Mission. Mother Brown serves as a great Bible teacher and Missionary in the Fire Baptized Church.

She has worked in Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Liberia W. Africa, Canada and Hawaii. We are grateful for her contributions including a book, History of the Late William Edward Fuller Sr.

Mother Lottie Lampkin is District Mother on the Southwest Ohio District. She donated a

Discipline from 1930. Mother Lampkin is 90 years old.

In October 1997 our church went On-line. We were re-united, via the Internet, with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. They are part of our early history. The IPHC joined us in Greenville for our 100th Anniversary Celebration. Bishop W.E. Fuller Jr. was invited to have remarks at their Centennial Celebration. I have included the program for the Centennial Celebration of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Also find an e-mail (dated 11/3/97) from Dr. Harold Hunter of the IPHC indicating that he found our Web Site and posted our Centennial announcement on his site.

Other Items:

FBH License Plate (Metal)

FBH Foreign Mission 1992 Calendar

1999 Northern Diocese Jr. Mission 25th Anniversary Program

Southwest Ohio District

Our district is comprised of three geographical areas: Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio.

Elder Culliver gave to us a theme and a slogan, The Power District – Pray, Overcome, Work, Endure, Rejoice. We have included a black/white copy of the logo based on the Elder’s theme created by B.R. Johnson of Inkster, Michigan.

Other submissions include:

1992 Planning Meeting Agenda

1992 Sunday School Convention Program

1998 Sunday School Convention Program

1998 Bishop’s Reception – Legacy Speech by Christina Wilson

80th Sunday School & H.Y.P.U. Creative Bible Activities

1999 Sunday School Convention Program

1999 Sunday School & H.Y.P.U Convention Activities

1999 Youth Day Program

1999 Jr. Mission Mother’s Day Celebration Program

1997 Southwest & Northeast Ohio Annual Convention – Reports & Minutes

Foreign Mission Calculator

Letter dated May 13, 1998 detailing the Jr. Mission work for 1998

Foreign Mission Balloons

Please find a number of various items submitted by three local churches,

Faith Temple in Inkster, Michigan

St. Mary in Detroit, Michigan

Christian’s Temple in Chicago, Illinois.

Mt. Calvary in Hamilton, Ohio



The Soul Children of Chicago – Gospel group gave us an announcement for an upcoming television special featuring the Soul Children of Chicago. The announcement is autographed by Mr. Walt Whitman Jr., founder.

Television/Cable Programming

The debut of new Broadcasting companies, UPN and WB, showcased a fair number of black shows in this past decade. Most of them are no longer on the air.

I’ve included some Web pages from some of these shows. I wonder if Black TV shows will ever command the same audience levels as white shows. Most of these are comedies. What does that say about America?

There are many, many talk shows on the air these days. One I like in particular, Forgive or Forget. The guest apologizes to a person and waits to see if their apology will be accepted. The host is a black lady referred to as Mother Love. I’ve included her Biography. I wrote to her. She sent me a Forgive or Forget Tee shirt and a black/white-autographed photograph.

We now have thousands of TV programs and movies available to us right in our living rooms. Which shows are appropriate for children and family viewing? Cable has attempted to implement a rating system. I’ve included an article that attempts to explain the ratings.

There is an explosion of Home Electronic products popularly used in the entertainment area, yet serve a dual role in business and education. These products include: CD – Compact Disc, VCR – Video Cassette Recorder,

DVD – Digital Video Disc. You will find information concerning these products in the capsule.

Also find a Cable Television Guide from Time Warner Cable, Cincinnati.

The cover features a chef that I like, Curtis Aikens. Curtis has a show on Food Network. He loves vegetables and was once illiterate himself.

We have a variety of information on the Television Set. I wasn’t sure if I thought of it as entertainment or a tool of communication. The TV set was once referred to as an Idiot Box or a Boob Tube. How do you see it today?

We have TV’s ranging in size from 2.2 inch color screens to 71 inches. New to the market are Digital Television (DTV) and High Definition Television (HDTV).

The main goal behind this new technology is to bring a better quality picture into your home. The same quality found in Movie Theaters, which begs us to mention Home Theater Systems.

Be sure to contrast these pages with what you use now.


I’ve included selected Web pages from the Women’s National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association.

The Detroit Shock sent the following items:

Bumper Sticker

Media Guide

Shockwave Official Program

1999 Team Schedule – Magnet

1999 Pocket Schedule

Nike/Shock Dog Tag


We communicate with each other via Postal Services and Telecommunication products.

Telecommunications is an exploding industry right now. Our computer networks are very much dependant on telephone lines and cable lines and satellite signals.

The Internet is right there in the midst of this explosion. I use Electronic Mail (e-mail) every day both at home and at work. Electronic mail is one of the oldest users of the Internet and what is termed as Push technology.

The Internet is available both from a Personal Computer and the Television set.

Currently, the Saints are not really aware of the potential and power of the Internet. We have a web site, I have included a few pages from the Web. By 2024 I hope that our church is using technology to its fullest potential.

Cable systems are beginning to offer higher line speeds for data than traditional telephone lines. I found a wonderful Institution called The Cable Center and learned that there was a National Cable Museum. They sent a publication titled, "Milestones". It chronicles the 50-year history of Cable Television.

Then there’s Personal Communications: voice mail, pagers, beepers, cellular phones. We have so many companies selling these products and the corresponding services.

People rely on the United States Postal Service. It remains an economical, easily accessible method of communicating with people. The U.S. Postal Service offers many products. We’ve included a few of them.

Celebrate the Century Stamps 1900’s through 1950’s

Black Heritage Postcards

Coaster Inkster, Michigan Post Office

Michigan Zip Code Directory

We can’t forget the telephone. Included are a number of pages with pictures of corded phones, cordless phones, portable satellite phones, PC Digital phones, cordless digital phones and wireless phones.

Business & Environment

We are including Home and Apartment Guides from Detroit and Cincinnati.

The Environmental Protection Agency in Michigan sent an Air Quality report. Has the quality of air in Michigan improved or declined?

We also have a water quality report from Cincinnati. Cincinnati has a reputation for good water quality. Has that changed?

Please find the Employment News magazine. Take note of the hourly rates and signing bonuses.


The airports from all 3 cities are represented well in the capsule.

CVG – Greater Cincinnati Airport

50th Anniversary memorabilia Gateway Serenade

CD 14 Month Calendar – Mosaics from the Union Terminal

ORD – Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Hardback book of same title

DTW – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Cleared for Takeoff - booklet

We also included Auto Guides for used cars in Detroit and Cincinnati. Use them to compare prices and currently available models and manufacturers.

Schott Buick in Cincinnati sent a number of interesting items. Marge Schott owns Schott Buick. She maintained controlling interest of the Cincinnati Reds Baseball team since 1984. This year (1999), the "boys" were finally able to remove her as owner.

Schott sent a picture of the1869 Reds Team and a picture of the 1998 Reds Team.

Science and Education

Cincinnati Zoo donated a gold coin in honor of its baby elephant, Ganesh. The zoo had a contest to name the baby elephant born in 1998. Ganesh is an ancient Hindu god with the head of an elephant and a heart so big he is known as the god of good beginnings and the remover of obstacles. Ganesh is the first baby elephant conceived and born in Ohio in 10,000 years.

Please find the September 1999 issue of the Wildlife Explorer Magazine. It contains an article from Cincinnati Zoo director, Edward Maruska, titled "Zoo 2000 and Beyond". Hopefully his vision has become a reality.

Chicago Shedd’s Aquarium sent a copy of their first press release announcing the birth of a Beluga Whale.


There’s a Web site called E-Prayer (Electronic Prayer). When you subscribe, they send you a daily prayer. E-prayer also contains poetry and inspirational stories.

There is a book of poetry written by Audrea Turner and a poem written by Patricia Hill along with various other poems and Christian Humor. I hope you find the Christian Humor amusing after 25 years (smile).


There are a few Web pages from the U.S. Mint explaining the 50 States Quarters Program. Five quarters were released this year. We have included the first three states, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We also have a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, 2 Two-dollar bills, a new Twenty-Dollar bill and the Press release for the new Twenty. The value of this money should increase with time.

Government & Politics

We’ve included some information on political parties of our time, candidates for the Year 2000 Presidential election and social issues, such as Assisted Suicide and Welfare Reform.

We had to include the Trial of the Century, California vs. O.J. Simpson. As you may or may not know, O.J. was a former football celebrity accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend. He was found not guilty in the criminal trial. The press reported that the verdict split the country along race lines.


I want to thank Sis. Lottie Porter, Sis. Beth Poellnitz and Sis. Brenda Conley for preparing Messages for our Future church.

There is so much more we could have put in the Capsule, but, time and money constrain us. Please take your time and go through the information. Perhaps you can use some of it in your Y.P.I., H.Y.P.U. or Jr. Mission meetings. We hope you find the capsule educational and enlightening. We do ask that you have fun with it.

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might."


Vernell Turner

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