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Church History

March 8, 2010

Nestled in the historical community of the Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, better known to neighboring suburbs as the Old Fourth Ward also the area given to the preservation of one of the Greatest Civil Rights Hero—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his memorial site waves the banner of holiness the Mother Church-- Zion Tabernacle FBH Church, known to some as Hogue Street. Zion has stood as a pinnacle of righteousness in the community for over 9 decades founded by the late Bishop W.E. Fuller, Sr of Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas . Zion ’s humble beginning started on a plot land near Hogue and Irvin Street in 1909 at a tent revival sponsored by Bishop W.E. Fuller, Sr. It was at this meeting several souls were saved; Rev DeWitt Aaron, Bro. Charlie Aaron, Bro EL and Sis Carter, Sis Westmoreland, and Sis Rucker. It was later deed on 1917.

Today, the Mother Church stands at 64 Hogue St. NE Atlanta , GA 30312 , which include (4) parcels of land from the corner 496 Old Wheat St to 64 Hogue St . Zion has been the beacon of holiness for many, directing men and women, boys and girls to the way of Christ. Over the years it has serviced the community for the power of prayer and deliverance to the fainted heart.

The Mother Church has had many influential leaders as Pastor namely, Founder—Bishop WE Fuller, Sr., Rev. AG Shields, Rev. Moore, Rev. RL Latimore, Rev. RP Nickerson, Rev. CT Tucker, Rev. BC Campbell, Rev. JR Evans, Mother LM Brown, Rev. Thomas Thompson, and currently—Rev. Anthony Brown.

Over the years, Zion has had the pleasure of nurturing and training men and women for the gospel ministry to serve in many district capacities as Pastors and Field Workers namely; The late Pastor DeWitt Aaron—Founder of Aarons Tabernacle FBH Church, Pastor Daniel Wright—Founder of St. Peters FBH Church and Daniel’s Tabernacle, Pastor Delores Staples, Pastor Geraldine Burgess, late Rev. Lucy Ellington—Founder of Hill Temple FBH Church, late Rev. Rosa Jackson—former District Supervisor, late Rev. Elizabeth Cates—District Evangelist, and Min. Sandra Little—District Jr. Missionary

Zion’s Deacon has been known for its strong backbone to the church and mega support to the district for many years; late Rev. DeWitt Aaron, late Dea’ness Clara Dunn, late Dea’ness Bessie Dennis, Rev. Daniel Wright, Dea. Roger Jones, Dea. Daniel Wright, Jr, currently--Dea. Jobe Ponder, Dea. JB Ponder, Dea. Joe Cates, Dea. Willie Bowman, and Dea’ness Helen Adams.

The Mothers have served in capacities as such; late Mt. Clara Dunn, late Mt. Shakespear, late Mt M. Aaron, late Mt. Maude Smith, late Mt Harper, late Mt. Williams, late Mt. Bessie Dennis, late Mt. Lucy Elliington, late, Mt. Florine Baxter, late Mt. CJ Adney, late Mt Irene Belcher, late Mt. Elizabeth Cates, and currently—Mt. Pearl Williamson, Mt. Helen Adams, Mt. Mazell Kendrick, and Mt. Mary Thompson

The Church Clerks who have served as follows; late Mt. Bessie Dennis, late Sis.Barbara Ponder, late Rev. Rosa Jackson, Sis. Vertina Wright, and currently—Mt. Mazell Kenrick.

The Departmental obligations have been as follow: Sunday School Superintendent—Sis Vertina Wright, Sis. Bobbie Little, Sis Felicia Jones, Dea. Joe Cates, currently-Dea. Willie Bowman; Missionary President— Mt. Irene Belcher, Sis. Sandra Little, Sis Bobbie Little, currently-Mt. Helen Adams; Choir Presidents and Directors—Sis. Donna Wright, Rev. Geraldine Burgess, Sis Felicia Jones, late Sis. Barbara Ponder, Sis. Pamela Pullen, Sis Mary Thompson, currently—Sis Sandra Little.

Zion has had many perils and trial that could have taken us out but the gates of hell did not prevail against us. Neither fires nor the floods of past could over take us for we weathered the storms. Under the leadership of National Jr. Mt LM Brown the church was remodeled and restored after the fire devastation. After Mt. LM Brown’s retirement, we were appointed Rev. Thomas Thompson as Pastor. He served us untiring for 14 ½ years until he returned to North Carolina in 2009. Thank God for their leadership and pray that GOD bless them. Then the Annual District Convention appointed our new spiritual leader Rev. Anthony and Rev. Sis Marilyn Brown and family as Pastor. We Thanks God for their spiritual blessing to the church for the "The Lord dwells in Zion" according Joel 3:21.

Memorial Tribute to those who have labored in the ministry at Zion Tabernacle FBH Church , therefore we pay honor to our fallen soldiers in the Army of the Lord!

  • Pastor AG Shields   
  • Pastor Moore
  • Pastor RL Latimore  
  • Pastor RP Nickson
  • Pastor CS Tucker   
  • Pastor BC Campbell
  • Pastor JR Evans     
  • Pastor Mt LM Brown
  • Rev. DeWitt Aaron  
  • Mt. Mattie Aaron
  • Rev. Lucy Ellington 
  • Elder JW Baxter
  • Mt Florine Baxter   
  • Mt Harper
  • Mt M. Marshall      
  • Mt Irene Belcher
  • Bro. EL Carter      
  •  Sis Carter
  • Sis W Wade          
  • Mt Dennis
  • Bro. M Adams        
  • Rev. D. Morris
  • Sis Barbara Ponder 
  • Sis Rosa Jackson
  • Sis F Sullivan        
  • Mt. CJ Adney
  • Mt. Clara Dunn      
  • Bro. Benny Jackson
  • Bro. Charlie Aaron  
  • Sis Westmoreland
  • Sis. MacFarland     
  • Mt. Elizabeth Cates

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