Alabama District            

Elder Quinton Hughley, Presiding Elder            

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District Churches and Workers
Church Pastor Address
St. John Elder G.L. Hardy 1920 W. 17th Street
Anniston, Alabama 36201
Zion Temple Elder Quinton Hughley 108 Park Street
East Gaddsden, Alabama 35903
St. Luke Elder Quinton Hughley 614 Draper
Piedmont, Alabama 36272
Solomon's Temple Reverend Robbins Young 2109 Southern Street
Rome, Georgia 30162
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 942
Rome, Georgia 30162
Faith Tabernacle Reverend Ben Campbell 4106 White Street
Monroe, Louisana 71203

District Workers

District President Reverend Robbins Young
District Supervisor Sister Romae Thompson
Directress of Religious Education Sister Marilyn Bougere
Directress of Jr. Mission Reverend Rosalind Weathers
Directress of Foreign Mission Sister Betty Hargress
District Editor Sister LaGrethia Kindred
District Superintendent Sister Ivy Williams
Assistant District Superintendent Sister Rosemary Waters
District Secretary Reverend Irma Campbell
Assistant District Secretary Sister Marilyn Bougere
District Evangelist Reverend Mary Campbell
Reverend Jennifer Hughley
Reverend Katie Nugent
Reverend Rosalind Weathers
District Mother Mother Lydia Goodbread
Mother Olivia Smith
District Musician Brother Ahzontaye Young
Brother Jarius Young


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