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What is family life education?

FLE is any effort to strengthen family life through education or support, and can teach about relationships in schools to providing parent information. FLE emphasizes processes that help people develop into healthy adults, working together in close relationships and bringing out the best in others.

Who is a family life educator?

A family life educator is one who is willing to share information related to family life with families, couples, parents, youth, or students by teaching, writing, coordinating, speaking and creating materials.

What do family life educators do?

Family life education is done by many different groups of people in many different ways. Some delivery methods include print materials, mass media, classes, workshops, newsletters, and mentoring. Family life educators use various settings to provide interpersonal skills and valuable relationship training to people who want to be more effective family members.

Why do we need family life education?

Families face unprecedented challenges. Stress come from many sources and can impose great burdens on families. There was a time when most young people got family life training from their parents. Many people feel that they know a lot about families because they grew up in one. However, today, with greater challenges than ever, it is no wonder that families feel overwhelmed by the challenges they face. Recent discoveries show that family life education continues to present new and better ways to strengthen couple relationships and to rear healthy balanced children.

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