About Us

We currently support missions in the foreign fields of Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands.
Additionally, we provide aid to the Mother Madell T. Brown School in Maryland County, Liberia.

If you have a heart to be of assistance to any of our foreign fields, we welcome your prayers and financial contributions.

Mission Statement

To visit the foreign fields annually, promote and encourage foreign missionary work in each foreign area, and assist District Presidents in each foreign field in the proper procedural organization of foreign field missions.

Theme:   Missions working with Missions


  • To skillfully plan events and activities in ways to inform the dioceses of foreign field work
  • To promote the foreign field on each district
  • To encourage director of foreign mission to continue fundraiser activities successfully
  • To participate in various conventions to promote the foreign fields
  • To recruit people on each district to be able to perform required duties to assist and support in disastrous relief efforts