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Sister Betty J. Battle
My mother is a member of Bethel Church in Lima, Ohio, and has been a member almost 50 years.
Submitted by: Pastor Phillip Battle Jr.

Pastor Anthony Brown
Thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement that has graced
the NEGA District--The Garden of Gethsemane, St. John, Zion Tabernacle,
and SEGA--Parks Grove, COLA.--St. James, and New Bethel!
Your legacy and life speaks for you and your walk of Holiness
is ever presence...without hestitation..We all LOVE YOU..
Pastor Brown and your work in the ministry.
Submitted by: Wife and Members

Pastor Troy E. Bethune
To my brother who gives so much of himself to the church, his family, his job, then to himself.
May you reap the benefits.
Love Ya
Submitted by: Kimberly E. Leverett

Kenneth Davenport
"A Good Man"
Submitted by: Vernell Turner

Anna R. DeArmond
"One of My Helpers"
Submitted by: Vernell Turner

Deacon Paul Edmond
A faithful member over 70 years!
Chairman, there is no one that can say that you haven't touched their life
in some way. You are the epitome of a HOLINESS man and a REAL deacon! You mean so much to us all.
We love YOU, Sincerely!
Submitted by: Gethsemane FBH Church

Pastor Audrey Fennell

Just a note thanks. I wanted to say thank you for holding me up in prayer.
You have been a wonderful and loving Godmother.
Thank you for never losing your Love for me.
Loving you always.
Submitted by: Dr. Candice Barnett

Betty Fuller-Scott
"My Grandmother"
Submitted by: Thomas L. Simms

Bro. Bill Fuller III

To God Be The Glory.
You are the quiet storm of the Fuller family.
May I say to you, continue to be strong.
Stand tall and be the leader you were destined to be.
May God keep your heart encourgaged in the knowledge that
You Will see Bishop again, when God steps out on the clouds
and makes HIS midnight cry for the saints to get up from
resting and those that are not sleep takes flight to Glory.
Oh, what a time that will be!
We love you and are here for you and the family.
Submitted by: Sis. Ruth Staples

Deacon Edward S. Frazier
You are a living legacy,
a tower of strength and wisdom.
You are my hero.
Submitted by: Sherry Frazier

Linda M. Futch
"My Baby Girl"
Submitted by: Sis. Mae E. Sullivan

Sister Ethel Gaston
We, the members of St. Peter FBH Church Atlanta,Ga. and the entire Hazzard Family of Brooklyn, N.Y., wish to honor our Sis. Ethel Gaston; who served the Fire Baptized Holiness church all of her life until illness struck her and she was placed in a nursing home in North Carolina a couple years ago. We love you, "Aunt Ethel", and I speak for all those who know you;
To find out how to send donations to Sis. Gaston or the Alzhemier's Association, please contact me at
Submitted by: Sis. Ruth Staples,
Pastor Dolores Hazzard Staples,
St. Peter FBH Church, Atlanta GA.

Reverend Mother Sallie Mae Good-Kennedy

Our grandmother, "The Matriach of Our Family", is presently the Assistant Pastor of
New Zion FBH Church, Lawrence, New York, under the leadership of Pastor Tyson.
She became a member of Zion Tabernacle FBH Church, Jamaica, New York in 1956 under
the late Reverend Williams. Her birthday is August 16, 1916.
We love you, "Nana"! Here are your flowers while you can smell them.
Submitted by: Sister Elaine J. Kennedy

Pastor Clifton J.Hall Sr.

Honey, We are so proud of you and how you have always put God first in your life and how with Him you have lead our family. This has been a year of faith with us, but with God all things are possible, and we honor you for your hard work and sacrifices for the Kingdom. WE LOVE YOU!
Submitted by: Your wife and children

Ossie Hill

Mom! I want you to know how proud I am of you for your diligence and perseverance in raising five children at such a young age! I love you very much even if I don't see you every day or tell you every day! You may not see this web site but know that I honor your name and am proud to be your daughter!
Submitted by: Rachea Hill

Chris Hooper
"Foreign Mission Booster"
Submitted by: Vernell Turner

Rev. Mattie J. Johnson
I can't tell you enough how much I love you. You are an important part of my life, and I am blessed to have a mother like you. I can only pray that I become a mother to my children as you have been to us.

Sister Cleave Ann Mack
To the best God-Mom in the world!
Happy Birthday!
Love you more.
Michelle Shinholster

Sister Cleave Ann Mack
To the best Jr. Missionary in the whole world!
To the best God-Mommie!
I love you more!
Love You.

Letha McQueen
"To a loving a devoted mother and grandmother"
Sharease McQueen

Mother Ellen K. Miller

"I will never forget the bridge that helped me across"
Your Sister and Family and Sister in Christ,
Betsy/Ellen Miller

Sheila L. Morgan
"One of My Helpers"
Submitted by: Vernell Turner

Sister Gladys T. Myles
"A Wonderful Person and Friend to All She Meets"
Submitted by: Grace R. Calhoun

Bishop N.J. Roach

"A God fearing man, whose life speaks for him"
Submitted by: Kimberly E. Leverett

Pastor Delores Staples

Congradulations Pastor Staples for your "Proclamation of Service" issued to you by Dekalb County CEO-Vernon Jones; who proclaimed Oct. 17th to be Pastor Dolores Staples Day in Dekalb County. You and your missionary team headed by Rev. Cecilia Staples-Orr must "Keep Reaching the Unreached and Loving the Unloved"
Submitted by: Sis. Ruth Staples - Church Clerk

RUTH STAPLES-Church Clerk / Senior Citizen Coordinator

Thank God for your outstanding love and dedication, and your endeavors to establish a home, "The Saints Place", for those whose health have failed and need to know by words/deeds that there is a haven of rest.
Submitted by: St. Peter Church Family

Sis. Vernell Turner
Sis. Vernell:
The FBH site is fantastic!
What a wonderful job you have done.
Keep up the great work!
God Bless!
Love & Prayers,
Sis. Michelle Shinholster

Annabelle Washington

"Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!"
Submitted by: Kadeem Washington

Mother Agnes Ruth Williams-Cantrell
Faithful member over 70 years. NEGA District Mother.
One who expresses her gratitude for salvation in her praise!
We love you dearly! You are our cornerstone member!
Love ya Children
Submitted by: The Garden of Greater Gethsemane FBH Church

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-- Vernell Turner