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Jr. Mission Home

The Junior Missionary Department Was Designed With the Young in Mind!

Our founder, Bishop W.E. Fuller, Jr. deliberated for years for this addition to our church,
and finally it became a reality. The Jr. Missionary Department was organized June 8, 1974 in the General Council. Two National Directresses were elected, Sis. Pelma Elliott was assigned to the Northern Diocese and Sis. Cleve Mack was assigned to the Southern Diocese. 

The Jr. Missionary Department is to the Fire Baptized Holiness Church what basic training
is to the armed forces. We prepare young people for the battlefield of life. Our only weapon is our sword, the Word of God.

In 1978 three National Directresses were elected. Sis. Cleve Mack, chairperson,
assigned to the First Episcopal Diocese, Sis. Pelma Elliott assigned to the Second
Episcopal Diocese, and Sis. Demetri Braxton was assigned to the Third Episcopal Diocese.
During the annual conventions of 1979, District Directresses of the Jr. Missionary
Department were appointed to each district, this has really been a blessing to our church.
During the interim of the General Council, 1983, Sis. Brenda O. Conley was assigned
National Directress of the Second Episcopal Diocese.

We are the ONLY organization in our church not required to raise money nor report to conventions and District officers, except, for special projects. Our first project was to build a headquarters in Jamaica, West Indies. In 1976 we carried $500.00 to Jamaica to start a Building Fund. In 1977 we had $1,100.00 which we used to erect a small building to worship, since the
church had been destroyed. In January 1988, we dedicated the W.E. Fuller Jr. Headquarters
and Mission Home in Jamaica, West Indies.

Permission was granted for us to hold our first Jr. Missionary Day service in the Sisters
of Charity Convention in 1976.

The second Saturday in February has been instituted as our National Prayer Day since 1981
by our Bishops and will be observed each year.

During the 26th Quadrennial General Council, Sis. Cleve Mack, chairlady, was assigned to
the First Episcopal Diocese, Sis. Demetri Braxton to the Second and Sis. Brenda O. Conley
to the Third.

Sis. Demetri Braxton was appointed chairlady in June, 2002 during the 28th Quadrennial General Council.

During the 30th Quadrennial General Council in June, 2010, Sister Sharon James was appointed National Jr. Missionary Distrectress of the 1st Episcopal Diocese.

The Jr. Missionary Department is growing and going for the Fire Baptized Holiness Church
of God of the Americas.We are telling young people everywhere to "Be A Missionary Everyday".

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