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Grace and peace to my sisters and brothers. God is forever faithful to His Children, let's be faithful to Him.

One of June's birthstones is the pearl, representing wisdom through experience. The pearl is developed when a foreign substance slips inside the oyster between the shell and mantell, which irritates the mantell. Some believe it is like the oyster getting a splinter.

"The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him." Proverbs 20:7


A Father's Day Prayer and Blessing

Father's Day can hold many emotions for both men and women - those who had a loving father that passed away, those who never knew their dad, those expectantly waiting to become a dad soon, and countless other situations surrounding the father-child relationship. God can use this special day to draw us closer to Himself - the one true Father who remains faithful and full of unconditonal love.
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8 Christian Father's Day Poems

When fathers love their children as God intended, they live out His will. Too often, the sacrifices fathers make go unseen and unappreciated. Their value is sometimes not acknowledged, which is why fathers have been called the world's most unsung heroes
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10 Powerful Prayers to Strengthen Your Faith

"Faith is completely trusting the unseen God. Faith knows He loves us completely. Faith knows that the death and resurrection of Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. Faith believes the Word of God is all we need to know how to live a holy and pleasing life."
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What Does it Mean to "Be Still and Know"?

".....When I saw voicemails waiting for me, panic began to set in. Knowing my son was on a mission trip 1500 miles away, I imagined the worst." Read more at iBelieve.com

When Life Gets Worse Before it Gets Better - Encouragement for Today

"Had I entirely missed what God said, or was it just not turning out the way I thought it would or should? Either way, the situation was an utter mess." Read the full article at Crosswalk.com

The Road to Healing

"One day, I found myself driving along an interstate I hadn't been on in decades. When I was a child, my father used to drive the same highway most summers with my brother and me nestled in the backseat and my mother in the front. This was our familiar route to family vacations, where one summer, I received salvation as a teen at a family church." Read the full devotion at God's Love at Work

Meet Our Jr. Missionary Directresses

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Reverend Rosa B. Sutton, National Jr. Missionary Directress
3rd Episcopal Diocese
Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas, Inc.