Maryland/Delaware District

Elder Joseph Simmons, Presiding Elder

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District Churches and Workers
Church Pastor Address
New Jerusalem Rev. Timothy Spellman 1905 N. Rosedale Street
Baltimore, MD. 21216
New Shiloh Rev. M.C. Harris 13686 S. Old State Road
Ellendale, DE. 19941
Washington Temple Rev. Timothy Spellman 723 Popular Grove Street
Baltimore, MD. 21216

District Workers

National Directress of Home Mission Rev. Sis. Elease Davis
District President Rev. Sis. Dorothy Caldwell
District Supervisor Sis. Betty Taylor
Directress of Religious Education Mother Thelma Scott
Directress of Jr. Mission Rev. Hazel Palmer
Directress of Foreign Mission Rev. Carolyn Smith
Asst. Directress of Foreign Mission Sis. Wilhelmina Geathers
District Editor Sis. Shalawda Hamlet
District Father Deacon Harold Smith
District Superintendent Deacon Ralph Epps
District Secretary Sis. Tawana Davis
Minister of Music Sis. Cynthia Woodham
Ambassador for Christ Sis. Sherby Bryant
Sis. Crystal Peterson
Sis. Michelle Peterson
Rev. Loretta Smith
Sis. Shaila Smith
Evangelistic Team Rev. Leola Coutourier, Chairman
Rev. Carolyn Smith
Rev. Loretta Smith


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