Northeast Ohio District

Elder Allen Wilson, Presiding Elder

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District Churches and Workers
Church Pastor Address
Athens Pastor Renee Gorham 10512 Hathaway Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44108
New Macedonia Pastor Cynthia Canty 132 Scoville Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14206
Mt. Olive Pastor Mary Kidd 124 W. Marion
Youngstown, Ohio 44507
Mt. Sinai Pastor Darlene Zanders 1617 Main Street
Wellsville, Ohio 43968
Mt. Zion Pastor Luther Smith 2413 Center Avenue
Pittsburg, Pa. 15219
St. Matthew Elder Allen Wilson 2550 Sullivant
Columbus, Ohio 43204

District Workers

District President       Rev. Darlene Zanders
District Supervisor       Sis. Chaunta Burge
Directress of Religious Education       Rev. Ellen Kay Dinkins
Directress of Jr. Mission       Rev. Mary Kidd
Directress of Foreign Mission       Minister Alice E. Williams
District Editor Sister Sorriah Wilson
District Mother       Mother Virginia Blueford
District Superintendent       Sis. Johnnie Ruth Howard
District Secretary       Sis. Ellen K. Dinkins
Minister of Music       Minister Alice E. Williams
District Evangelist       Minister Ellen Kay Dinkins
Minister Bessie Pullie
Reverend Mary Rivera
Reverend Jackie Wilson
Ambassador for Christ             Sis. Mary Cooper
Sis. Denise Tucker
Sis. Cherilyn Williams
Sis. Sorriah Wilson Sis. Falisha Young


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