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Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas, Incorporated

  • 901 Anderson Road
    Greenville, SC 29601



Our website,, was originally created by Vernell Turner and published on October 3, 1997. The site was revised once in 2002. Although content is frequently added, the overall look and feel of it has remained the same for 18 years. The current site design does not use the official logos of the FBH Church and was not designed to be mobile friendly. Also, the technlogy used to write the menu system no longer works in most browsers. As a result, visitors are unable to navigate the site easily.

The major objectives of this project are to:
  • • Develop a quality web site with improved aesthetics that promote our church, the teachings of Christ, and the principles of holiness;
  • • Develop processes that facilitate, simplify, and decentralize ongoing web functions and maintenance;
  • • Facilitate and promote collaboration, communication, and information flow through all areas of our church at the national, district, and local church levels.

The redesigned site will be implemented gradually, starting with the landing page. We also plan to build a searchable database containing the name and address of each local church in our organization.

You can find more informaton concerning the project at FBH Website Redesign ➤

The Prosperity Project is a financial giving plan designed to eliminate current financial issues and restructure our financial operations.

Anyone can participate. You can give monthly and one-time donations via check or money order. You can also give electronically via Cash App, online bill payer services provided by your bank, Chase Quick Pay, or Venmo.

Visit the Prosperity Project website for more information at (opens in a seperate brower window).

The Giving Tree project is sponsored by the Sisters of Charity. The Giving Tree frame is displayed on the wall outside of the Conference Room in the Johnnie Evelyn Youth Center in Greenville, South Carolina.

You can purchase Living and Memorial leaves at various donation levels. Please see your District Missionary President for pricing information and order forms.

History is important! It shapes our identity and helps us understand where we are now. Documenting our history enables us to appreciate the legacies we've inherited.

We currently have some history pages (FBH History) that originated with our 100th Year Celebration in 1998. The design is a remnant from our original site built in 1997. It is not mobile friendly. The entire concept must be redesigned in terms of content and presentation. There is also a pictoral history site at fbh-history/histpics.html ➤, which is not referenced in the origial history website.

We plan to partner with Sister Jeanette Hicks, DRE of South Carolina #1, and Sister Litrea Hunter, National DRE of the 3rd Episcopal Diocese to get this project underway.