The Publications Board
About Us

What We Do & Who We Are

The Publications Board promotes the ministry, doctrine, and image of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God, Incorporated (FBH Church).

We provide information about church activities and printed resources designed to edify, inspire, and educate all people concerning the experiential reality that we, the Church, have derived from Jesus Christ through His manifold manifestations.

Our main communication responsiblities include:

  • The True Witness, the official news magazine of the FBH Church. Each issue highlights the life, faith, and activites of our members.
  •, the main web presence of the FBH Church. We also manage our national Facebook page at and our national presence on Twitter - @fbhchurch.
  • The Discipline, which includes our statements of belief, standards of behavior, governance, and history.

The members of the board are appointed by the Board of Bishops in our General Council, which is held every four (4) years.
Current Board Members:

  • Bishop P.L. Frazier Jr., Chairman
  • Sister Genda Adams
  • Reverend Charles Beam
  • Dr. Anne W. Fannin
  • Sister Elizabeth Hallums
  • Sister Nadine C. Houston
  • Sister Jeannete Hunt
  • Jr. Mother G.Y. Johnson
  • Mother Odessa McCoy
  • Reverend Dennis Moore
  • Sister Beulah Priest-White
  • Sister Vernell Turner
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