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This site is host to the True Witness On-line Magazine. It is an extension of the True Witness newspaper. Feel free to suggest and send articles to this publication.
You can access the magazine as a PDF file or as a Flip Book.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me at
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On the Horizon

A semi-automated subscription process has been developed to better manage the number of issues printed for each editon of the True Witness. You can subscribe at

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Each edition of the True Witness On-line Magazine features an article titled, "Clergy Succor". We are in need of content contributors that will write articles of their choice designed to help preachers care for the people of God (ie. sermon development, minister precautions, growing your church etc). If you are interested please e-mail us at

Working together works! We would like to set-up periodic meetings and training sessions for interested District Editors (non-editors are also welcome). Contact us via e-mail ( for more information.