Website Redesign

About the Redesign Project

Redesigning a website is no easy or quick task. The work was actually started in 2011 and delayed for various reasons. I am very excited to resume this project. I will implement the redesign in small intervals starting with the opening site page.

The current design is 18 years old. The site and the processes to maintain it, must be redesigned to take advantage of current web technologies and the official logos of the FBH Church.

I need help to complete this project. If you are a District Editor or a District Secretary and are seriously interested in helping with the redeisn please contact me via e-mail at

Project Steps & Progress...

Project Scope

This project involves the evaluation, investigation, design, and implementation of our web presence. The scope of the redesign is to:
  • Conduct an analysis of the current site to determine the relevance of each piece of content;   ✓
  • Determine the business goals of the new site and site user issues;   ✓
  • Research and recommend an Internet Service Provider;   ✓
  • Convert existing relevant content;
  • Conduct final review and testing;
For more detailed information, please read the current redesign document. Feel free to share your comments.


Project Steps & Progress

  1. Information Gathering:   ✔
    • Goals and Purpose of Site   Completed
    • Target Audience   Completed
    • Content Inventory and Audit   Completed
  2. Planning:
    • Create a list of topics and sub-topics
    • Decide on specific technologies to use
  3. Design the Prototype:
    • Develop the look and Feel   Completed
    • Test and Document findings
    • Redesign and Retest
  4. Develop and test fully functional site
  5. Implementation:
    • Design implementaion and announcement strategies
  6. Mainteance:
    • Develop a maintenance team and applicable processes