- To strengthen and develop leadership and initiate discipleship for our church.
- To become a church of vibrant Christians who disciple converts and grow churches.Leadership Training
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We have partnered with BILD International and the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development to implement a consistent national educational program available to everyone in our church.

Every member of our church should be trained using Bild's discipleship training resource, The First Principles.

The First Principles consists of three (3) sets of Bible Study Guides- Series I, II, and III, that teach the core principles of Christ and His Apostles.

First Principles Series I, is a set of four (4), six-session guides designed to build personal faith and Godly habits.
Series II, is a set of four (4), six-session guides that focus on individual households and the relationships of family.
Series III (set of five (5) guides) concentrates on being a student of the Word by studying the book of Acts and Paul's letters.

For additional information or to order the First Principles, visit Bild International at the following address:http://www.bild.org/resources/Overview.html