National DRE & District DRE
(L to R: Dr. E. D. Lawson, Sister Janice R. Jones, Sister Litrea A. Hunter)

National Department of Religious Education

The National Department of Religious Education was reestablished in June of 2010 during the 30th Quadrennial of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas.

National DRE

Under the auspices of the Board of Bishops, an executive committee consisting of 3 National Directors was appointed to assist with the overall religious educational programing of the Fire Baptized Church. Each director is assigned to preside over one of the 3 Episcopal Dioceses.

Dr. Etheleen D. Lawson, National Director of the 1st Episcoal Diosese.
Sister Janice R. Jones, National Director of the 2nd Episcopal Diocese.
Sister Litrea A. Hunter, National Director of the 3rd Episcopal Diocese.

District DRE

District Directors of the Department of Religious Education are appointed each year in the Annual Conventions. The District Director assists the District Ruling Elder with the educational programing and activities of the district with regards to the local church, district officers, and ministerial training.