Ledgers are used to record and total financial transactions by fund. Typical ledgers list transactions by fund with money received and money disbursed in separate columns along with a beginning balance and an ending balance.

There are also single purpose ledgers. These ledgers separate monies recieved from monies disbursed - so you have a Cash Receipts Ledger and a Cash Disbursements Ledger. Cash Receipts ledgers let you easily see how much money you've received, when you received it, and how (or from whom) you received it. Cash Disbursement Ledgers let you easily see your expenses - how much you've paid out to whom, when, and for what purpose.

Ledger Notes
Cash Receipts

Cash Disbursements
MS EXcel files referenced in the Local Church Secretary's Handbook. Funds are listed in columns.
Monthly Receipts

Monthly Disbursements
Ms Excel files. Funds are listed in rows.
Blank Ledger

Blank Ledger Running Total
MS EXcel files. 2 columns with Balance Brought Forward - No Fund Listed on Form. Can be used to make ledgers for funds not listed below.

The Running Total ledger has a formula in the balance column to add the balance brought forward to the Receipt column and deduct the Disbursed column.
MS EXcel files. 2 columns with Balance Brought Forward. Individual Fund names are Listed on each ledger.
  Named Ledgers     Finance
Jr. Mission
Foreign Mission
Sunday School
Mission Convention Treasure
Sunday School Convention Treasure
New: Ledger Workbook - contains all of named ledgers in 1 file and a Total sheet with beginning balance, amount received and paid out, along with the ending balance for each fund. Ledger Workbook
No matter which type ledger you use: The important thing is that you document all money received and paid out! You must always be able to show when you received money, where you got the money from and what you did with the money. You must talk about all money - money mailed to the church - money deposited in your bank - money raised in an offering - money collected in an envelope - money transferred electronically.

Other Forms

Form Name Notes
Bank Reconcilliation MS EXcel file used to reconcile your
check register and bank statement.
Monthly Member Donations MS EXcel file used to record member
donations each Sunday.
Monthly Fund Activity Report MS EXcel file used to report Beginning Balances,
monies received & disbursed, Ending Balances for each fund.
Receipts Count Form MS EXcel file used to record member
donations each Sunday.
Revenue Expense Statement MS EXcel file used to report
annual revenue & expenditures by month.
Individual Giving Form MS Word file used to record member donations
and contact information.
Deacon's List Form MS Word file used by a deacon to
record member donations.
Rally List Form MS Word file used to record to
member donations & speaker's offerings during a rally.
Bishop's Blank

Bishop's Blank Assembly Guideline
MS Word file once used at the
Bishop's Official Visit.
Summary Financial Report

Summary Financial Report Example
MS Excel file once used report the
Beginning Balance, Amount Received, Amount Disbursed, and Ending Balance for each fund.
Council Meeting Dues Form MS Excel file used to record Council Meeting dues collected during the convention year. This form is pre-filled with sample data from our training class.