For the 2020-2021 training year we will continue to learn more about completing the fillable versions of our church blanks.

Use the "Details Link" in the Training Session Schedule below to obtain additional information (prerequisites, hand-outs, conference pins, recordings) concerning the individual sessions.

Each session is scheduled to last 1 and a half to 2 hours long. Unless indicated, all training sessions will be conducted on-line using a web conferencing software.

2020 - 2021 Training Schedule

Time & Date Title Details Link
11:00 am Saturday September 26, 2020 Annual Church Report Blank (ACR) ACR Details

Session 1
Annual Church Report Blank

The Annual Church Report blank should be ready to turn in at the Annual Convention 2 weeks prior to our convention. This year our Ruling has asked for them to be turned in by October 23, 2020.

Training Materials:Download the Annual Blank WorkSheet (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)
Download the Annual Church Report fillable form.
Prerequisite Tasks:Use the 3 Elder Official Visit blanks to complete the Annual Blank Worksheet. We will use the completed Annual Blank Worksheet to prepare the Annual Church Report blank during the training session.
Worksheet Instructions:
To complete the worksheet you will need to use the 3 Elder’s Official Visit blanks that you submitted to the Elder.
The Worksheet contains 3 sets of information: Statistics, Finance, Trustee.
There are 3 columns for each information set: 1st Visit, 2nd Visit, 3rd Visit.
Enter the corresponding information from each of the Elder’s Official Visit blanks into the appropriate Visit column.
The Worksheet will calculate totals that you will use to actually complete the Annual Church Report blank for submission to the elder by October 23, 2020.
Training Agenda:Download the Training Session Agenda
Additional Reading: N/A
Meeting Info: We will meet using the Microsoft Teams Meeting software. You must download that software to your device.
Contact V. Turner to get the Teams Meeting link at
Session Evaluation: Please complete the online Training Session Evaluation to help us improve our training efforts. (The evaluation form opens in a new browser window.)