The 2018 training year will concentrate on learning more about the basic Micrsoft Office software that we use to prepare reports and maintain our local church information.

Use the "Details Link" in the Training Session Schedule below to obtain additional information (prerequisites, hand-outs, conference pins, recordings) concerning the individual sessions.

Each session is scheduled to last 1 and a half to 2 hours long. Unless indicated, all training sessions will be conducted on-line using AnyMeeting web conferencing software.

2018 Training Schedule

Time & Date Title Details Link
11:00 am Saturday January 20, 2018 Microsoft Excel Workbook Training - Basics (XCL) XCL Details
TBA Microsoft Word - Making Programs (WRD) WRD Details
TBA Microsoft Power Point - Basics (PWR) PWR Details

Session 1
Microsoft Excel Workbook Training - Basics

For this training session we will review the basic elements of an Excel worksheet, learn about cell formatting, cell referencing, formulas, and functions.

Training Materials:Download this Homework Excel Workbook to practice some of the functionality we covered during the training session. If it downloads as "read only", just save it on your computer with a different name and you should be able to edit it.
Prerequisite Tasks: N/A
Training Agenda:Download the Training Session Agenda
Additional Reading: You can download this supplemental Agenda and Note Sheet to use during the session.
AnyMeeting Info:You can join this training session on-line at
You can Dial into the session using the following phone number & pin:
706-913-1155 Pin:566 4122#

Session 2
Microsoft Word - Making Programs

This training session will concentrate on using Microsoft Word to make programs for various church activities.

Training Materials:N/A
Prerequisite Tasks: N/A
Training Agenda:
AnyMeeting Info:TBD

Session 3
Microsoft Power Point - Basics

We will review the basic elelments for making a Power Point presentaion. We will also cover transitions and animations.

Training Materials:N/A
Prerequisite Tasks: N/A
Training Agenda:
AnyMeeting Info:TBD