We're Better Together

Someone said "Knowledge is Power". That is true, but consider this, Sharing Knowledge is more powerful. We are so much stronger and more effective when we work together, when we support one another.

This page contains sample documents and accumulated tips that you may find helpful as you perform your secretarial duties. I encourage you to share your files, tips, and words of wisdom.


  1. Always backup your files - hard copy and computerized files.
    • Sister Jacke Hunter takes a picture of her transaction ledger page each Sunday before she leaves church. That's a wonderful backup.
    • For even more protection, you can e-mail the picture to yourself and/or to one of the deacons or the assistant secretary. You can upload the picture to your computer and back it up to a portable drive.
    • Sister Litrea Hunter introduced me to a nice mobile app, Tiny Scanner. When you use Tiny Scanner to take a picture of your hard copy pages it will turn the images into a PDF file.
    • Backup your computer files to a portable hard drive on a regular basis.
    • You may want to consider using cloud storage. Of course, security becomes an issue - but you may be able to balance security with loss of data.
  2. Continually improve your organizational skills.
    • You will not always be the secretary. There may be times when you are unavailable to perform your duties. Maintain your records and procedures in such a way that someone can easily fill in for you in your absence.
    • Consider creating and performing an "Absence Drill", simular to a Fire Drill, where someone has to finish your work for Council Meeting, Annual Convention, etc. Discuss areas that need to be improved at the conclusion of the drill.
    • Consider making a procedures manual and review it with church leadership. Here is an example of a Procedures Manual.
  3. Do you struggle positioning images in a Microsoft Word Document?
      Last year I prepared a short interactive training session for Sister Jeanette Hicks, DRE on SC #1. Working with images in a Microsoft word document was 1 of the topics we discussed. Read page 3 of the training hand-out to learn more about positioning images.

Sample Documents/Templates

Category Files
Sunday School Attendance Record
Sunday School Enrollment Cards (4-landscape, Avery Postcards)
Sunday School Invitation Cards (4-landscape, Avery Postcards)
Sunday School Bucks
Visitor Contact Form
VBS Registration Form
VBS Certificate
VBS Songs
Finance & Administration Council Meeting Dues Form Statement
End of Year Tax Contribution Statement
Convention Count Sheet
Bylaws Template Sheet
Use to open church bank account when the Discipline is not accepted.
Miscellaneous Mission Work Tally Sheet
Patron's List
Programs Women's Day Program
Father's Day Program