Washington/Virginia District

Elder Gwendolyn Y. Johnson, Presiding Elder

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District Churches and Workers
Church Pastor Address
Bethlehem Pastor Renee Williams-Thomas 712 15th Street N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
Greater New Zion Pastor Barbara Curtis 5005 - 78th Avenue West
Lanham Hill, Maryland
mailing address
#13 Evarts Street, NE
Washington, DC. 20002
Little Mount Zion Pastor K.W. Littlejohn 736 50th Street N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20019
Solomon Temple Elder Walter L. McKoy 1118 North 20th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23223
Tried Stone Elder Gwendolyn Y. Johnson 256 13th Street N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002

District Workers

National Mother Mother Mary E. Nesbit
National Jr. Mother Mother Eula Shinholster
International Directress of Foreign Mission Rev. Inez Davis
National Y.P.I. Supervisor Rev. Kaye W. Littlejohn
National Directress of Jr. Mission Rev. Reginia L. Raiford
National Diocese Secretary Sis. Dianne M. Raiford
National Directress of Religious Education Sis. Janice R. Jones
District President Reverend Renee W. Thomas
District Supervisor Rev. Precious Walters
Directress of Religious Education Sis. Pattie Zanders
Directress of Jr. Mission Sis. JoAnne Singletary
Directress of Foreign Mission Rev. Lena Maxwell
Asst. Directress of Foreign Mission Sis. Athalia McKoy
District Editor Sis. Karen McKoy
District Reporter Sis. Betty Jean Ames
District Historian Rev. Renee W. Thomas
District Special Worker Sis. Kamilah Baldwin
District Secretary Sis. Alma D. McCoy
Asst. District Secretary Sis. Dorothy M. Thomas
District Superintendent Rev. Opal Blackmon
Asst. District Superintendent Deacon Russell McKoy Sr.
District Mother Mother Thelma Warren
District Father Elder Walter L. McKoy
Minister of Music Rev. Regina Raiford
District Musician Bro. Larnarda Blackmon
Ambassador for Christ Sis. Yvonne Howard
Bro. A. Dwayne Sampson
Sis. Dorothy Thomas
District Evangelist Evangelist Hyacinth Durant
Evangelist Gloria McCormick
Evangelist A. Dwayne Sampson
Evangelist Calvin Walters Sr.


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