West Eastern North Carolina District

Elder Billy L. Thompson Sr., Presiding Elder

503 Newkirk Street
Elizabethtown, North Carolina 28337
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Church Pastor Address
Greater St. James Elder Billy L. Thompson Sr. P.O. Box 1664
Elizabethtown, North Carolina 28337

District Workers

District President Sister Debbie Heyward
District YPI Supervisor Sister Catina Perkins
Directress of Religious Education Sister Sandra Dent
Directrss of Foreign Mission Sister Diane Marshall
District Mother Mother Willa Peoples
District Father Deacon Theodore Cartwright
District Editor Sister Donna McKoy
District Superintendent Deacon Charlie Cromartie
Assistant District Superintendent Brother Kevin Cheek
District Secretary Sister Betty Tolliver
District Evangelist Evangelist Linda Cromartie
Evangelist Brenda Loftin
Evangelist Ronald Newkirk
Evangelist Willa Peoples
Ambassador for Christ Sister Jackie Cromartie
Sister Linda Cromartie
Sister Evangeline Jones
Youth Special Worker Brother Jacquan Stephens
District Musician Brother Kevin Cheek

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